Lipoedema, is a painful hereditary disorder, typically it leads to a pattern of adipose tissue (fat) accumulation from the hips to the ankles, arms and often other parts of the body. Lipoedema may be found in women of all shapes and sizes.

Symptoms of Lipoedema

  • The legs are enlarged bilaterally - arms too can be affected

  • The waist is small in proportion to thighs, buttocks and legs

  • Feet and hands are exempt and a 'bracelet' effect can appear just above the ankles and wrists

  • Legs/arms can be extremely painful, even to touch

  • Affected limbs bruise easily

  • The fat is soft to touch and wobbly, while skin can be cold to touch

  • Lipoedema can become worse in hot weather

  • Diet and exercise, while important, can have minimal effect

  • Increase in Lipoedema is often noticed when significant hormonal changes happen

  • Skin can have a cellulite or ‘mattress’ like appearance

  • Skin on the legs and buttocks can be cold to touch.

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